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Product Integrity – a New Year’s Revolution

Submitted by Jim Bacon
Jan 2017

We are almost one month into the New Year. With the New Year, it’s time for new goals and resolutions. As you reflect back on 2016, are you confident that you did everything you could to protect your product in the cold chain?

2017 could be the year that you create a robust and secure risk management process that ensures sustainable and reliable product integrity during shipment from your facility to the destination.

A Case for Reuse

Submitted by Jim Bacon
Dec 2016

Simple, Reliable, Sustainable

What if you could have a sustainable high performance and reusable passive shipping solution that effectively eliminated excursions for a cost that rivals that of lower performing single-use solutions?

Today, in the world of healthcare temperature controlled logistics, pharma and bio-pharma companies are attempting to ensure both product integrity and patient safety by validating and implementing shipping solutions, active and passive, to protect their products and adhere to these GDP requirements.

The Packaging Journey

Submitted by Jeff Sullivan
Nov 2016

An overview of VP of Engineering, Jeff Sullivan and VP of Partner Client Solutions, Jim Bacon’s talk at this year’s Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum (September 2016)

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Submitted by Tanner King
Nov 2016

The adoption of a Quality Management System is crucial for any organization in order to help improve its overall performance as well as to provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives. Becoming certified to an internationally recognized body such as ISO 9001:2015 is the next step we have taken to continue providing our customers with products and services that will meet and exceed their expectations.

The Human Side of Lane Qualification

Submitted by Jim Bacon
Nov 2016

An Excerpt from PDA Europe presentation in October 2016

“Ensuring a secure and temperature controlled pharma supply chain”. This was the theme of the PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Logistics Conference in Amsterdam, but despite the many rigorous qualification and procedural steps in place during a temperature controlled shipment, an excursion can still occur and generally is attributed to some form of human action. More often than not this occurs during a transfer or hand-off from one service provider to another, I refer to this as “the weakest link”.

Collaborate to Innovate Leadership Forum

Submitted by Jim Bacon
Oct 2016

“Great Innovation only happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently”. This profound statement, made by George Cantor, helped summarize learnings from our inaugural Collaborate to Innovate Leadership Forum held in Rochester, NY last month.

Collaboration in the Cold Chain

Submitted by Jim Bacon
Sep 2016

More often these days manufacturers are asked to provide stability information or budgets to downstream consignees (such as distributors and wholesalers) so they may deal more efficiently and effectively with temperature excursions during shipments. The idea is that this exchange of information helps create valuable partnerships and was a focus of a conference I attended in Europe, the GIRP Educational Academy Conference 2016.

If There Is an Excursion, Who Is Responsible?

Submitted by Jim Bacon
Aug 2016

Whether we are developing a cold chain solution, qualifying a lane, or setting up a relationship with a service provider (trucking company, 3PL, freight forwarder), we ultimately are asked or need to consider “if there is an excursion, who is responsible?”

New Packaging Division

Submitted by Meghan Gillen
Jun 2016

We are very excited to announce a change to our company brand - we have launched a new division for our packaging products called AeroSafe Global.

The company itself is not changing - same great company, people, products, and services. We simply feel that this new division name better represents our place in the market, our product strengths, and our global reach.

Because the new name continues to represents a division of the American Aerogel Corporation, few changes are necessary regarding how you transact business with us.