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Zero Excursions.
No Exceptions.

The proven solution for mission-critical, cold-chain operations.

Simple, reliable and flexible solutions

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We deliver cold-chain services for the bio-pharma industry that result in zero temperature excursions for every client, every product, every time. Ours is a simple, reliable, flexible and sustainable service that will streamline your entire supply-chain process while providing proven protection for temperature-sensitive shipments in the most demanding conditions.

Cold-chain as a Service


as a Service

We provide a total, turnkey solution—from design and testing to training and day-to-day management. This wholistic approach ensures a seamless delivery of pay-per-use packaging and essential data, management and logistics services.

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Company A


In shipments with zero excursions

Twice the duration, four times the product—for the same price

Two years of shipments and Zero Excursions

Company B


Reduction in warehouse inventory

$7.2 million savings per year with switch to AeroSafe Global

33% more product per shipment

Reduced labor and capex costs

Company C


Excursions in harsh shipping climate

Reduces pack-outs from 5 to 1 with universal all-season pack-out solution

Complete elimination of excursions

100% customer and regulatory satisfaction

Customer Testimonials

"If you aren’t using AeroSafe Global, you better have a good reason why."

— VP of Quality

"AeroSafe is helping us save lives."

— Director of Operations

"AeroSafe Global’s responsiveness and customer experience are outstanding."

— Logistics Manager


A few of the outstanding companies we’re honored to work with

  • Lilly
  • Merck
  • Gilead
  • Pfizer
  • Amgen
  • Allergan
  • Edwards