Aerosafe Global

Moving medicines from biopharma to patients with 100% certainty.

We rebuilt the supply chain into the AeroChain.


We Get Up Every Morning for Your Patients

We help our biopharma partners improve patient lives by owning the safe, efficient delivery of their medicines across the supply chain. When medicines move from biopharma to patient with 100% visibility into their effective use, safety and environmental impact, we call this the AeroChain.

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Company A


In shipments with zero excursions

Twice the duration, four times the product—for the same price

Two years of shipments and zero excursions

Company B


Reduction in warehouse inventory

$7.2 million savings per year with switch to AeroSafe Global

33% more product per shipment

Reduced labor and capex costs

Company C


Excursions in harsh shipping climate

Reduces pack-outs from 5 to 1 with universal all-season pack-out solution

Complete elimination of excursions

100% customer and regulatory satisfaction

Customer Testimonials

"If you aren’t using AeroSafe Global, you better have a good reason why."

— VP of Quality

"AeroSafe owns every link across our complex supply chain."

— Director of Operations

"AeroSafe brings more than premium service to the table, they bring passion."

— Logistics Manager


A few outstanding companies we’re honored to work with

  • Lilly
  • Merck
  • Gilead
  • Pfizer
  • Amgen
  • Allergan
  • Edwards