Integrated Cold Chain

Ensuring Safe and Effective Use

On-time delivery of your temperature-sensitive products is critical to safe and effective use. In today’s environment, transportation and logistics challenges continue to rise. Late deliveries can result in customer complaints, lost products, and regulatory challenges.

An integrated cold chain service provider supplies the expertise of not only developing a robust packaging solution for the anticipated distribution journey but also the specific insights for each and every individual package once it leaves your door until it safely reaches the customer.

Monitor, Measure, and Model Transit Data


On-Time Delivery

  • Ensure products stay within their “stability time budget”

  • Monitor parcel shipments to validate successful delivery as intended

  • Identify when shipments are potentially at risk

  • Activate contingency protocols and inform customers of product delivery status


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  • Verify the actual exposure of products during shipments with temperature loggers

  • Provide immediate feedback to end-users as to whether the product has stayed within its required temperature range and is safe to use

  • Leverage integrated packaging and loggers with custom profiles and user-friendly interfaces


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  • Model both past and future performance with temperature data for specific parcel lanes 

  • Access real-time temperature data from nearly 1 million parcel lanes

  • Understand the true product exposure during shipment

  • Proactively identify future at-risk shipments
Transit Data

Learn how to mitigate risk and validate safe delivery