Shipping Sustainably has never been easier

Reduce your carbon footprint and your shipping spend all while accessing the industry’s best insulated packaging. AeroLoop is a recovery and refurbishment service that enables you to rent high-end insulated packages on a "per turn" cost basis. After your shipment of temperature sensitive material, we recover the package, refurbish it, and deliver it to you for the next shipment.

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How it works

  1. AeroSafe Global delivers you your box

  2. You prepare the package and ship it like you normally would

  3. Your End User receives the package, removes the payload, places the box in pick-up location

  4. AeroSafe Global will handle the pick-up and transportation to the refurbishment center. The box is inspected and any damaged or worn parts are replaced

  5. AeroSafe Global returns your box to you just like new, ready for reuse

What makes AeroLoop different?

AeroSafe Global completely takes all of the stress off you as the customer. Due to our pre-established partnerships, we work together with all invested parties so that everyone from us to you to the 3PL to the refurbishment center are on the same page. We are sure to maintain that level of visibility throughout the entire process.

Additionally, you are assigned a dedicated Account Manager that will be your main point of contact, they will keep you up to date on what's going on in your loop: KPI reports, forecasting, etc.

Our reuse program is not just a rented box. We are proud to provide a global network of distribution and refurbishment centers that allows for easy inventory management, just-in-time delivery, and preconditioned pcm shipped to you at a low cost.