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When it comes to strict temperature control and reliable performance, AeroSafe Global’s insulated boxes outperform all other options. Each box is prequalified to the highest and most stringent industry standards so every shipment is guaranteed to protect the temperature and integrity of your valuable payloads as stated – no exceptions.


All of our high performance insulated boxes are developed to be user friendly. Every box utilizes a universal pack-out; allowing year-round protection against both high and low ambient temperatures, and requires minimal components; simplifying the preparation and minimizing pack-out steps prior to shipping.


Our insulated shipping boxes are optimized both for size and weight, allowing you to ship more with less coolant, in smaller containers, over a longer period of time. By using our one-size-fits all interchangeable phase change material you are provided a one-of-a-kind flexibility that lets you use one box for several shipping durations and temperature ranges.


The impact on the environment for both the manufacturing process and the product is minimal. The insulation itself is biodegradable, pair that with AeroSafe Global's AeroLoop™ Reuse Program, and you are able to severely reduce your carbon footprint

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